Eleven Men Out

Eleven Men Out

 Eleven Men Out is a successful combination of a coming out tale and an underdog-makes-good soccer story. Ottar, a sexy pro footballer decides to come out, with little warning, in a magazine interview (he thinks it might get him on the cover). Horrified, the board of directors (including his dad) suspend him immediately. Undeterred Ottar joins an amateur team that already has a few queer players…

Eleven Men Out

 Sipnose: Attracted by the footballing star’s notoriety, more gay soccer lads join, while the straight boys on the team hilariously run in the opposite direction. The new queer team keeps winning matches, but mostly because each tie is cancelled. Meanwhile, Ottar attempts to go steady with a teammate, but fails dismally, whilst Magnus, his adolescent son from his previous marriage to a former Miss Iceland, goes through the excruciating embarrassment of having a famous father making a show of himself. Eleven Men Out feels like a sublime mix of a British working class comedy like Rita, Sue and Bob Too, and a locker room fantasy, all held together with deliciously deadpan Icelandic humour.

Jonathan Keane

Ano: 2005

Link Emule: eleven.men.out.-.Gay.Themed.Movie.avi


~ por daniex em Agosto 23, 2007.

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