Poster Boy

Poster Boy

Henry Cray is a young gay man who’s gone away to college and is enjoying the liberty of coming out, away from his family. Only problem is that the boy’s father is a powerful, conservative U.S. Senator and around campus the son’s homosexuality is a bit of an open secret. Enter Anthony, a gay man, who’s been a member of Act Up but who is now more interested in spending his time with affluent gal pal Izzie and perhaps getting into the pants of some college boy when they crash a campus party. Despite being 28 Anthony can easily pass for a college guy and quickly meets Henry. Unaware of Henry’s name Anthony hooks up with him and only in the morning does Anthony find out Henry’s full identity. Looking for any chance to take a shot at the conservative government that he detests Anthony decides to take this opportunity for political action. Only problem is that he finds himself beginning to care very deeply for Henry and he must decide if he can use someone he cares for in this way…

Poster Boy

With the help of a hot, slightly older new acquaintence, the closeted son of a conservative U.S. Senator puts a shocking spin on his dads re-election campaign.

Ripper: SAPHiRE
Video Codec: XviD
Runtime: 98 Mins
Video: ~837 kbps
Audio Format: ~153 kbps Stereo MP3
Aspect Ratio: 1.79:1
Resolution: 656×368
Frame Rate: 25.000 fps

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~ por daniex em Julho 8, 2007.

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